NYC The Photography Lover’s Dream

New York City is a culture enthusiast’s dream, boasting everything from world-class museums and galleries, to a famed theatre and performance arts scene. It’s therefore no wonder that the city draws countless visitors each year, to experience an eclectic mix of cultural treasures alone. One such treasure is undoubtedly found in NYC’s photography galleries, displaying some of the most gripping photographic works in the country.

There are virtually countless venues you can visit to experience New York’s City’s superb photography scene. However, one of the most prominent of the bunch is the International Center of Photography. While small in size – usually displaying three exhibits at any given time – the Center is renowned not only for its photographic pieces, but also for its community programs and lecture series. It’s also popular because, due to its size, visitors are usually able to appreciate every exhibit without feeling rushed.

The Aperture Gallery is another famed spot to enjoy photography displays, boasting Ansel Adams as one of the six founding members of the Aperture Foundation. The gallery also publishes a magazine and a range of books, in addition to holding a number of lectures and panel discussions. Soho Photo and the Photographic Gallery are two others that shouldn’t be missed on an NYC photography tour. Soho Photo was created in the early 1970s as a cooperative for amateur and professional photographers, while the Photographic Gallery focuses on photos pertaining to New York, political issues important to New Yorkers, and the port and marine traditions that shaped the city.

Finally, while the Metropolitan Museum of Art carries a number of forms of artwork, it is home to three well-known photo galleries: a permanent exhibit, the Howard Gilman Gallery, and another with rotating exhibits.

Of course, there’s even more reason for photography lovers to head to NYC. Aside from offering a string of acclaimed photo galleries, the city’s iconic urban landscape beckons photographers to bare their lenses. With everything from a host of towering skyscrapers to the city’s most famous landmark – the Statue of Liberty – there’s always something intriguing for photographers to capture on camera. Another popular spot in the city for photographic opportunities is none other than Central Park – boasting over a square mile of stunning greenery and wildlife.

So, why not plan a trip to NYC to experience the city’s many photographic offerings – and much more? Just remember that if you’re planning to travel to the city during peak seasons – such as summer – you’ll want to make reservations for your New York hotels early, since they can fill up quickly – particularly in the city’s most famed districts.