PhotoshopBefore you start adding borders make sure you have flattened your image and the background layer is locked and active.

1.Black Mount – This is great for low key and monotone images or images that dont quite fit a traditional white border, simple but effective. To Apply this border open the canvas size option under the image menu, make sure the relative colour box is ticked and select whit for the extension colour. Set the width and height to 0.1 inches and click OK. This will add a thin white border to the image. Now go back to the canvas size command and change the extension colour to back and enter 1.5 – 2 inches for both boxes and click OK.
2.Hairline Border – This is a good border for high key images (images with lots of lighter tones) as the white edges just get lost without some kind of border. For this technique go into the canvas size command and, with relative checked, set the extension colour to black and height and width to about 0.1 inches and click OK. You can also add a further 2 inches of white border to highlight the effect.
3.White Frame – This is a contemporary border that will really add that extra something to your photos. It uses the same technique as previous examples but you are adding 3 borders, the first is a 0.5 inch white canvas extension then a thin 0.1 inch black extension and to finish another 1.5 – 2 inch white extension. This adds a thin gap between the image and the border which makes the photograph stand out more. Note these canvas extensions can also be inverted to have black-white-black.

MonochromeShooting in Monochrome
To give a contemporary photo an old-fashioned feel, try shooting in monochrome. A picture done entirely in black and white or sepia tones achieves on old time look. Rather than editing the picture through a computer program, many digital cameras feature a setting that enables you to actually shoot the images directly in monochrome.

The monochrome setting option simplifies the process of creating these stunning pictures. No software or special knowledge of photo editing is required to produce these stunning images. Depending on what type of digital camera you have, the monochrome setting will be located in the My Colours, Colour or Picture Style settings menu.

Types of monochrome settings
Once you’ve located the monochrome setting, you will see that you have different options. Black and white and sepia settings are offered by most digital cameras. Colour monochrome settings, such as green and blue, are included in some cameras as well. The more advanced cameras enable you to enhance the monochrome mode with various coloured filters. These filters allow you to achieve a number of effects. For instance, you can recreate the effect of a red filter over black and white film. Also, any colours in the subject that are the same colour as the filter can be selectively lightened.

Choosing a setting
Consider the emotion you want the photo to evoke. Sepia tones create a different feel than black and white, and vice versa. For example, a sepia-toned image will present a softer look, reminiscent of antique photos. Black and white, on the other hand, is ideal for photographing strong structural elements for stark contrasts.

Choosing your subject
Landscapes and city scenes tend to feature strong structural elements, such as buildings. Shadows actually enhance these subjects. Sunlight casts the lines and angles with dramatic patterns. To record the most detail possible, use an ISO setting of 200 or less. Low ISO settings best capture the shadows and structures that make for striking monochrome photos.

Gentle, more romantic settings also lend themselves well to monochrome mode. A dream-like or nostalgic mood can be evoked through monochrome photography. Subtle nuances emerge through the variations in tone.

Portraits, of both pets and people, are excellent subjects for monochrome photographs, particularly those done in black and white. You can vary the effect by changing the lighting. Soft light minimises the appearance of blemishes. Directional lighting, lighting which emanates from a single source, accentuates facial features.

Tips for shooting in monochrome
As explained above, the monochrome setting directly captures monochrome images. No colour information is recorded. While colour photos can be made monochrome with computer software, a photo taken in the monochrome setting cannot be reverted to colour. That is, unless you take the pictures in RAW format.

Try using your digital camera’s flash, whether inside or outside, when taking monochrome photos. Although the flash might washout an image taken in colour, that same flash can cast desirable dramatic shadows in monochrome.

Experiment with the different filters before you start taking photos. Your efforts will be better directed if you first know the effect that each filter achieves.

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Wedding PhotographyYou certainly not know when people units will give up on you so it is critical to have back-ups that you are acquainted with.

Light can be a photographer’s core asset if utilized properly. Experiment with unique tactics and look at to be resourceful in the approach. You certainly not know who is going to comment and praise the performs you have accomplished except if you go out and see what you can generate.te.

When a bride and groom are choosing their photographer for their unique day, there are several selections to be produced and elements to feel about in advance of committing. Every last few needs images that certainly capture the emotion and magnificence of their unique moments on that day. It is important for a couple to pick a photographer that they really feel they can not only believe in, but are also snug with the talent and technologies that they will be supplied. When it comes to photography, these attributes make a substantial big difference in the outcome of the top quality of photos the couple will have to don’t forget their marriage ceremony day by.

Photographers that are up on all of today’s most recent technologies are capable of presenting many distinctive types of models and deals to the partners they photograph. The digital age of photography has altered the solutions that a photographer can present. A photographer can now certainly cater to the exceptional stylistic needs of every last bride and groom. Regardless of whether the few is interested in obtaining a couple of simple sit-down portraits jointly prior to the wedding or a image journalistic story of their complete event, it is all possible.

Cameras no more time have rolls of film that will need to be modified. A photographer can now take a limitless sum of photos and not have to skip any moments. A few also does not require to wait in order to see their photos from their exceptional day, either.

The pictures that are taken with a digital digital camera can be uploaded to any computer and internet site practically instantaneously immediately after they are taken. This has adjusted how couples see and decide on their proofs, as very well. By the development of technological innovation, the total photography process for a couple’s wedding ceremony day has now been designed seamless and instantaneous.

As a result of the support of modern developments, photos also can be altered in order to get rid of any blemishes, such as sweat, red eye, or facial redness, from the pics. The bride, groom, and their guests can now seem just as photograph fantastic as they usually imagined they would be with just a couple of clicks and drags on a personal computer screen as a result of a digital editing method. The few also get pleasure from receiving a slide display of their favourite photos on DVD. This tends to make sharing photographs with good friends and family a significantly more interactive and pleasurable encounter.

A couple’s marriage ceremony day is a person of the most memorable days of their lives that they will share collectively. When picking out a photographer, they want to make certain they choose a professional that is effectively-equipped to meet their each require.

i get pleasure from functioning on assignments around the home as properly as taking photos it is a hobby of mine and turned into a company

Interesting A Wedding ceremony Photographer Can Capture Your Distinctive Day

Discover AvenueMauritius is one of the most favorite destinations for wedding and that is why Wedding photography Mauritius is so popular and in demand. Wedding photography Mauritius can capture the magic of your wedding in the most special way. Wedding photography Mauritius can create magical albums by capturing each moment of the most important day of your life. When we see portfolios then we dream of getting the same quality of snaps. Wedding photography Mauritius can get beautiful pictures of the same quality that you always dream t of. We all see our wedding pictures every now and then and nothing feels greater than seeing ourselves in beautiful poses. It feels great to see ourselves beautiful and in great poses.

Wedding Photographer that you select for your wedding has the greatest role in making you look beautiful and natural in your wedding pictures. Wedding Photographers are trained enough to capture each small moment in innovative manner so that everything looks natural. It becomes very important to find and book a Wedding Photographer well before time s o that you can get the best Wedding Photographer for your wedding.

Apart from wedding, people are crazy about Portrait Photography and they want the best. Family portraits are also getting popular and have become common for living rooms. Portrait Photography can easily help you in getting a perfect family portrait for your living room. You can also get couple portraits for your bedroom and can also be used in the special corners of your home. Before you decide to go to a profession who can do Portrait Photography for you, you need to be sure of the kind of portrait you want and what is your budget for Portrait Photography. Portrait Photography for living rooms is certainly different than the Portrait Photography that is done for other types of portraits. Photography studios Melbourne is fully equipped to get any type of portraits ready for you.

Photography studios Melbourne is also preferred by the people who look forward to stylish fashion photography. If you want to step into the world of fashion then you can walk to a good photography studios Melbourne for fashion photography. You can get great portfolios made for you at these photography studios Melbourne. Not only this but today even you can do Photography courses Mauritius and become great photographer. These Photography courses Mauritius are not only for the people who aspire to make their name in the world of fashion photography or do any other specialization like portrait photography. Photography courses Mauritius can also be just another way of nurturing your hobby.

Photography courses Mauritius are easily available and there is no age bar for joining these courses. These Photography courses Mauritius can help you in establishing your career as a photographer if taken seriously. You can do a specialization course in any of the fields of photography. Fashion photography is one of the most popular specializations that have huge prospects for a bright career. You can get help and information from renowned named like Clique photographers that have become a brand in photography.

ImagesAs humans, our strongest emotional responses – both positive and negative – come from visual cues. That’s precisely why the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” has more than a ring of truth to it. When you’re flipping through a magazine or surfing the Web, the photos are what make you stop and look. Today, the images that are most effective in capturing the attention of readers and web visitors alike can be summed up in three words: ocean, water, life.

Imagery is Everything

Those who are in the business of advertising or web design understand that developing a wonderful product or a website full of useful information is important, but it’s only one component of success. Choosing the proper imagery to communicate to the potential customer or visitor can result in resounding success, while selecting the wrong images can be disastrous in terms of sales and web “stickiness.”

Carefully selected images can help to establish and reinforce brand awareness, can help to target niche markets, and can help to build customer loyalty. Today, lifestyle photography is the primary means of conveying consumer messages -so much so that product photography is often a small element of a print advertising campaign or a web design.

Lifestyle Photography Conveys Concepts

The primary purpose of lifestyle photography is to convey concepts. For example, a photograph of waves lapping on the beach can convey relaxation, freedom, luxury, and promise. Photography of crashing waves can communicate agitation, strength, and persistence. Images of still water with stormy skies can convey turbulence, doubt, conflict, and confusion. A hand reaching out of the water can relay a message of hope or of hopelessness. Photography that depicts surfing can communicate youthful exuberance or a hip, active lifestyle.

Finding Unique, Captivating Images

If you use these types of ocean, water, and life images in your advertising campaigns or web design work, you know how frustrating it can be to find the right photography to communicate your key concepts. Most, if not all, major stock photography companies have either a limited number of images, or images that are dated. When you’re looking for unique images that evoke the proper emotional tone, it often pays to patronize smaller stock photography companies, particularly those that specialize in ocean, water, and life images. The images that will allow you to stand apart from your competition may very well come from a company that is steeped in the surf and water lifestyle.

Besides offering unique stock images, the right stock photography company should be able to offer you exclusive rights, should you so desire, should track the use of all photos, and should consider commission ideas. In other words, if you need a certain type of ocean, water, or life image, the company should consider shooting the image for you and then adding it to their stock catalog.

With ocean, water, and life photography quickly becoming the most common images used in advertising and web design, it’s important to find a stock photography company that can deliver the unique images that will give you the edge and set you apart from your competitors.

When it comes to the seasons of the year, which is your favorite? I suppose the definition of seasons really depends on where you live because they can differ from one place to another. Im really referring to the four different seasons that we are used to in the northern parts of the United States. When you think of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, which one stands out as your favorite time of year? I can help but think of Fall as being the best time of the year for a number of reasons.

After a long hot summer with warm temperatures and little rain in most cases, the temperatures begin to cool and the vegetation in the wild begins to undergo a change. This change is what makes the leaves on the trees change color, providing us with amazing picture opportunities because of the brilliant array of colors that the dying leaves have taken on. There couldnt be a better scene then the scene you get from rolling hills covered with trees with brightly covered leaves. The smells from the harvesting of crops, the changing colors and smells of forest vegetation, and the sounds of falling leaves and whipping winds all combine to provide the feeling of home and comfort.

Another reason that the Fall season stands out to me is because of the exciting opportunities for outdoor activity that exists during this time of year. Just about the same time when the leaves start turning color, the harvest starts to take place, is the time when the many different hunting seasons open up. This is what really gets me going in the fall and may be the main reason that I favor the Fall season so much. The small game seasons kick of the Fall hunting seasons in early September, followed by other hunting seasons such as archery deer hunting, duck, and goose hunting. All of the outdoor hunting opportunities come to be as soon as the summer comes to an end and the fall season comes into play. For many, this is a very exciting time of the year.

With the changing of the temperatures in the fall from warm to cool comes the desire to cook warm, soothing meals for your family. Another reason the fall season is so great is because all of the meals that you love to cook on cool days now sound so much better because of the changing weather outside. Meals that are made in the slow cooker seem to come to mind. Meals like roasts or chili seem to be much more appealing during this time of year.

There are also other reasons that many enjoy the fall season. With all of the beautiful colors and scenery comes the perfect picture taking opportunities for those who love the art of photography. There are numerous possibilities including natural wildlife, animals, and water pictures that can be taken and all are enhanced by the breath taking colors that are produced during this time of year.

The numerous reasons mentioned such as the brilliant colors, the wonderful smells, and the excellent outdoor opportunities are just a few reasons why I prefer the fall season over the others. It is during this time that the outdoors really comes alive, even though in reality the opposite of coming alive is occurring. Your favorite may be different which is perfectly fine. In the end it comes down to personal preference and what makes you happy.

Stock photography, categories of photographs that people take, grouped and licensed for selling purposes. Instead of taking new pictures every time they need pictures, many people use the stock photography method. People that actually work for magazines, as graphic artists, and advertising agencies sometimes use public pictures rather than hiring photographers for individual projects.

Alternate names for stock photography is picture libraries, photo archives or image banks. Typically, to use these pictures, although freely available, there is a small fee or a purchasing of usage rights that accompany a fee in order to use the images. Sometimes a membership purchase allows you to gain access to a particular group of stock photography.hy.

Not waste time and money, stock photography is a superb way to enhance newsletters, blogs, advertisements, company brochures plus more. It is obviously less expensive than placing full time photographer on staff and takes less time if you need images of something specific. Many times, it is as easy as using a internet search engine or checking an email.

Sometimes full rights and usage can be acquired for purchase. Other times, full rights are limited. In those cases, photographers could be requiring that they receive a certain percentage of sales and or royalties of usage. Agencies usually contain the images on files and negotiate fees. With the technology and easy access that the internet provides, negotiations are quicker and simpler.

The cost of using stock photos depends on how long the pictures will be used, what location the pictures will be used, if the original photographer wants royalties and the way many people the photo will be distributed to or seen by. Prices for stock photography can be anywhere from one dollar to two hundred dollars.

There are numerous different pricing arrangements. Royalty free stock photography allows the customer to use photographs multiple times in multiple ways. When you purchase royalty free pictures, there’s only a one-time charge for unlimited usage. When the pictures you purchase have a royalty free section, the agency has the capacity to resell the image to others. If a picture is rights managed, there’s a negotiated price for each time that it’s used.

Sometimes a buyer of stock photography might desire to have exclusive rights to the images. In that case, no one else will be able to use the pictures once exclusive rights happen to be purchased. It may cost thousands of dollars to buy exclusive rights because agencies who handle the sales need to make sure that they are making a profitable sale. If an image would make more money staying in circulation, they’d lose out selling exclusive rights.

Stock photographers sometimes work with agencies producing images on their behalf alone. Different subjects and categories might need multiple varieties of images. Sometimes contributors benefit multiple agencies selling their photographs for a small fee. They work out arrangements for royalties or they offer their shots for full rights. It has proved to be a big business for photographers all over the world.

Stock photography started in the early 1920s. It especially grew since it’s own specialty by the 1980s. Galleries hold hundreds, thousands and also millions of pictures available for purchase. Stock houses sprung up in many different places. By 2000, online stock photography became microstock photography, which we call photo archives online. Companies like istock photo and bigstock photo provide you with the opportunity to purchase so many pictures so when you use them up you can add more credits for an additional fee. Photos that are distributed online are typically less expensive than those that are sold hard copy.

Websites like and allow stock photographers to upload then sell their images. It is a great way to market pictures and earn money with photography. You can also purchase images at those websites too. With all the stock photography sites available, one may find pictures you never even heard about before.

TIM is an IM’er with 5+ years experience. He loves to work online and help loacl business. He Newest product he was workign on was Nichevertiser.

One of the most basic tactics of photography from the past is now a fashion photography trend in the wildlife segment too, i.e. Blurring the Background!

From the past years, the wildlife photographers spent hours in the field and used various tactics to get the best snaps of their animals in different poses and actions. Blurring the background is a prominent one. This is one of those wildlife photography tips that is particularly important on a safari tour because often there is foliage in the image on the backgrounds along with the main subject which is distracting. Be it a lion sitting with its cub, a scared zebra looking for a way to save itself or an Elephant herd walking back home in the grasslands. Blurring the backgrounds and non-subject items, gives more emphasis to what you are actually trying to capture perfect in your photo. If you are photographing a herd of elephant just like as shown in the picture taken during one of our Tanzania Safari Tour, you might want to make sure that they are all in focus and get more weight age than something that you actually think is for background purposes only.

The swanky name to describe the portion of the picture/image that appears sharp throughout the whole image is called the depth of field. But more important than knowing what it’s called is knowing, how to control it!

There are 3 factors that can be used to control the depth of the field

the aperture
the focal length of the lens and
the camera to subject distance.

Of these three, the aperture is the one that you have the most control over on a safari tour. A big aperture opening (e.g f/4.5) will lead to more background blurring while a small aperture (e.g f/22) will lead to the overall scene being sharper. Most photographers these days use large range of aperture opening to make their photographs more subjects centric and this is what our photographers did on the Tanzania Tours to make the most out of their pictures. Have a look at our Tanzania image gallery.

Trying the same in an open field with vast range is more justified. Hence it will be great help to know how to change the aperture opening on your gear before you go on safari. In the picture taken in Serengeti National Park while on our safari trip to Tanzania, the photographer waited for the perfect lighting in the scenery, set the right aperture, focal length and set a proper camera distance while he gave this perfect shot.

While you concentrate on the three settings given above it is also very important that you consider one more aspect that goes hand in hand with the same, i.e. the correct lighting. So be it a wedding ceremony in your family, an outdoor date with a girlfriend or an encounter in the wild, learn and master these tactics to impress all.


Have you seen a short video on the web that mixes images with music and wondered, How did they do that? Flixtime and Animoto are two online software providers that let you easily produce high quality, short video pieces from photos, images, video clips and music. Both of these services offer free accounts for those who want to create short videos and paid accounts for those who wish to create longer, more complicated, commercial or personal use video presentations. Animoto demo Flixtime demo

The big attraction to each of these products is their ease of use. The biggest drawback? Lack of control over the way the software chooses to mix and transition the photos and images.

The Animoto product has been around longer and offers three plans for users. The free plan allows you to create an unlimited number of 30 second videos. There are also paid subscriptions for those who want to create an unlimited number of full length and hi-resolution videos.

Flixtime, which first became available in February 2010, also offers several levels of plans. The free plan allows users to create unlimited 60 second videos. There are three levels of paid subscriptions which offer additional features and support appropriate for users making business or commercial videos.

Flixtimes images are provided by Fotolia and their music and sound effects by AudioMicro.

Consumer reviews of the two plans differ as to which plan the consumer prefers. Preference seems to be a matter of personal taste.

The benefits of having the Flextime or Animoto Paid Subscriber Plans are that a photographer is able to create an unlimited number of DVD-quality downloads which can be used for marketing pieces or to create photograph videos for clients. Once you’ve created a video, it can be used in a blog, on a website, on Facebook pages, YouTube, or to promote your services or products on a DVD or in any other manner you determine works for you.

Once you have established an Animoto or Flixtime account you can download your photos, arrange them in the order that you want the photos to appear in your video by clicking and dragging the photos into the sequence you want. It’s also simple to delete or rotate photos and to highlight a particular photo or photos in the sequence.

You can add your own text anywhere in the photo sequence to add extra information or marketing details to your video.

The next step is to select your music. With both services you have access to a library of commercially-licensed music or you may download your own music.

Animoto allows you to select the speed of your video and add a “Call to action” button at the end of the video that when clicked will take viewer to whatever URL you enter. You can also select a cover for your clip and insert video credits at the end of the clip if you desire.

Once you have made your image and music selections click on Create Video and wait for your email telling you your video is ready to review and edit until you have the perfect video for your needs. These simple software tools create elegant and professional videos to promote your photography products and services at a reasonable cost and with no training and little effort.

We are a nation of photo lovers and we love to display our photos around our homes and in the work place. Many of us take lots of photos and simply put them away or we store them on memory sticks for never to be seen again, but wouldn’t it be great if you used the medium of canvas printing to blow up those wonderful photos of yours and have them hung in your home on display for people to see. Now that would be amazing.

Photography has been around for as long as I can remember and so have canvas prints to. Now that we have the technology to be able to gel both those arts together we can create a masterful work of art for our homes. What I really love about photography itself it the fact that you can trick the naked eye with different types of images. Take for example distorting reality. We have all see those cool photos you get were one person in the foreground will hold up there hand and then another person in the background in the distance will line up perfectly so it looks like the person in the foreground is holding them in their hand. There lots of different way to create optical illusions and that one of the great ideas that can be used to print on a canvas print.

So yes you can great lots of great wonderful canvas photo prints with your photos. You can use artwork or designs of some sort and of course the more favorite and popular choice would be to have your own personal photos printed to canvas, photos of the family at a brilliant photo shoot you once had or even simply just great photos from a memorable day out you had with the wife and kids. Whatever the occasion you can be sure that a canvas print can really brighten up your home in many ways and will always be a talking point if you have visitors come to visit your home.

The great thing with either being a photographer or knowing a photographer that likes to print there photos on canvas is that you or they will have the software to be able to manipulate the image in many ways to suite your preferred preference for your home decoration. So basically if you have your living room full of blacks grays and creams which is a good colour scheme that seems to be in fashion right now then you could get your photo and change the colours to match your decor before having the image printed on to canvas prints and then once you have done that they will fit right in.

Now that it’s that time of year when the jingle bells start to ring and Santa is on his way then using your art in photography could be a really great move to inspire and also surprise a loved one with a special gift that they can keep forever. It’s also one good thing to know that canvas printing companies us light fast pigment ink with their printing so that it won’t fade for up to 80 years. Wow so that’s some great news if you looking to have something printed on to canvas and want it to be a memorable image for the family of that someone special. You will have the peace of mind knowing that it will last a life time. And also just something to remember with your photos is that you can always count on the printers that do the printing for you. They will be able to offer you the best advice for you image and recommend the best size fit canvas print to without having to crop it and loose any important parts of your photo which is good to know.